Urine Test Results

Illustration of Urine Test Results
Illustration: Urine Test Results

Good morning, doctor. I am a 33 year old male. A few months ago I had a urine test … In one of the columns listed 3-5 cell epithelial sediments. What do you mean by this doc ?? is this dangerous ??

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Hello Aliee, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Urine examination is called urinalysis, a simple and easy urine examination method. Examination aims to assess urine in terms of macroscopic or microscopic.

Related to your question, epithelial sediment is a microscopic examination of urine. Epithelial cells normally can be found in small amounts in urine about 5 cells per field of view. But if there is an increase in the number it could indicate an infection. Epithelial cells in urine originate from the urethra wall and also the bladder. So with the numbers that you put your epithelial cells in the urine is still within normal limits.

The results of urine tests alone cannot be used to enforce a disease. Must be confirmed by clinical symptoms that occur. To keep urine good, make sure you drink 8 glasses a day and don't hold urinating.

Article about URINALISA.

Hopefully that helps.

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