Urine Trickles When The Pelvis Gets Pressure

Illustration of Urine Trickles When The Pelvis Gets Pressure
Illustration: Urine Trickles When The Pelvis Gets Pressure

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More frequent, incomplete urination, accompanied by pain around the pelvis, is not typically a sign of a digestive system disorder. More likely, your complaint is due to a disruption in the urinary system, for example because:

Overactive bladder
Urinary tract infection
Urinary tract stones
Infections or kidney stones
Other factors, such as bladder cancer, prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer, diabetes, nerve and pelvic muscle disorders, excessive anxiety disorders, drug side effects, cystitis, excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption, lack of drinking or drinking too much, etc.

Kegel exercises can help control your complaint so that it does not endure if the cause is related to overactive bladder, as well as nerve and pelvic muscle disorders. However, if it turns out it's different from the originator of your complaint, the handling will be different again.

Our advice, you first handle your complaint by:

Drink 2-4 liters of water a day, especially water
Don't drink caffeinated, fizzy, or even alcoholic drinks
Don't like to hold back urination
Improve the cleanliness of your sex organs, including by not engaging in risky sex
Warm compresses of painful pelvis
Regularly exercising every day, including by doing Kegel exercises - you can read Kegel exercises in the following link

Expand relaxation and meditation, so as not to stress and excessive anxiety
Eat a variety of healthy and nutritious foods, limit foods that contain simple sugar, salt, and flavoring
Do not smoke
Do not take any medicine without doctor's advice

Furthermore, if the complaint does not improve for a long time, if you experience unbearable pelvic pain, vomiting, chills, fever, bloody or gritty urine, you cannot even urinate at all, immediately check with your doctor or doctor urology surgery to be treated properly according to the cause.

Conversely, if complaints improve with the efforts above, you should not rush to see a doctor first, so that your risk of contracting COVID-19 can be minimized.

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