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at the doctor’s evening here I want to ask is it normal for a mother when urinating there is mucus as if it is red in color..I just experienced when I urinated this evening..before this never…at the same time I also practiced drinking anmum milk and taking pills to increase the blood which the health clinic provides. Please explain from the doctor. Is this situation that I am experiencing because I am pregnant normally?? Thank you doctor.

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Hematuria is the medical term for the discharge of urine with blood. This condition is classified as abnormal because there should be no trace of blood contained in the urine, except in women who are menstruating. Most of the causes of hematuria are located in the urinary tract, either the kidneys, ureters, bladder, or urethra. The causes also vary, ranging from inflammation or infection, to cancer. In addition, the following causes can also trigger hematuria:

genetic (hereditary) disorders that cause damage to the hemoglobin of red blood cells doing excessive exercise serious muscle injury, for example due to burns All of the conditions mentioned above require medical treatment with their respective management. For that, you should first check with a doctor, especially an obstetrician, considering that you are currently pregnant. In addition to performing ultrasound to monitor the health and development of the fetus in the womb, the doctor will also recommend blood and urine tests.

In addition to hematuria, there is a similar condition called pseudo-hematuria or false hematuria, which is the discharge of urine that is reddish in color resembling blood (not actually blood). Here are some of the causes:

consumption of certain foods, such as beets, dragon fruit, blackberries taking certain drugs, for example being treated for TB Discuss this issue directly with the doctor and follow the treatment recommendations given

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