Use A Face Cream With Retinol Content During The Pregnancy Program?

Illustration of Use A Face Cream With Retinol Content During The Pregnancy Program?
Illustration: Use A Face Cream With Retinol Content During The Pregnancy Program?

Good evening, I plan to get pregnant with the second child as soon as possible and I have already promoted it from October 2019 (last month). My problem is, I use night and daytime cream from Ponds Age Miragle (sorry to mention the product clearly) routine for 3.5 month or rather early August 2019, where was the retinol content because of my ignorance of the terms in the chemical language listed on the product, whereas before I used the product I had never used anything for my face since the pregnancy of my first child in April 2014 (natural without moisturizer and without powder because my face including clean, bright and without any problems both fine lines / wrinkles) I tried to use beige just for anti-aging because I’m 33 years old) I know this is when retinol is not good for pregnant women, breastfeeding too promil , and determined to stop using it my question 1. how far has the retinol reaction been taken during routine 3.5 months of use, 2. Is it still safe if I get pregnant as soon as possible from my determination to stop right now? 3. how many lm I have to wait to get pregnant, after stopping using my cream, is it 1 month, 3 months or when? please doctor make an answer, sorry if it’s too long, to be clear, thank you

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Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A that does have a function to accelerate facial skin turnover, reduce acne, disguise and eliminate fine wrinkles on the face, disguise blemishes on the face, and make the skin softer and brighter. Derivatives of vitamin A itself have various types, but the best known are tretinoin (or also called retinoic acid) and retinol. Tretinoin has a much higher potential than retinol, so it is different from retinol which can be found in over-the-counter beauty products, tretinoin is a hard drug that can only be obtained by prescription from a doctor. There are also other types of vitamin A derivatives that are used by drinking (oral medication), namely isotretinoin. Isotretinoin certainly has a higher potential than tretinoin and is included in hard drugs as well (must be prescribed by a doctor).

Until now, these vitamin A derivatives (or so-called retinoids) are not recommended for use by pregnant women because they are teratogenic or can cause developmental disorders of the organ in the fetus (especially if used early in pregnancy). This is especially true for isotretinoin which is an oral drug. Because it is used topically (only applied to the skin), tretinoin and moreover retinol (whose potential is much lower) has a much lower risk of teratogenicity because the absorption of drugs into the blood is also much smaller.

Until now there was no specific guidance on how long this retinoid should stop being used before pregnancy. Several studies have shown that blood retinoid levels in women who consume isotretinoin will be at normal levels after 2 weeks of stopping the drug. To be safe, a woman is advised to start trying to get pregnant after 1 month of stopping using drugs (both isotretinoin, tretinoin, or retinol).

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