Use Of A Hipseat Sling For Babies?

Illustration of Use Of A Hipseat Sling For Babies?
Illustration: Use Of A Hipseat Sling For Babies? Bing

I have a 4 month old baby. Now he can recline back and forth. His neck is strong enough. Is it okay to use a hipseat slingrnrnThank you

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Hi Risa,

Thank you for asking

The use of a sling can indeed make it easier for parents to raise children. Even though they look small and light, as they get older, the baby's weight will increase so that it can be difficult for parents or caregivers to carry them while doing activities. To overcome this, the use of a sling can be one solution.

A hipseat sling allows the baby to be closer to his parents while keeping the spine and pelvis structure balanced. This carrier is recommended to minimize the risk of hip dysplasia because it can support the baby's spine, buttocks and lower legs well.

However, not all babies can use a hipseat sling. First, you need to know whether the spinal structure (from the neck to the lower back) is strong enough to support the weight of his body. If so, then this sling is safe to use. At the age of 4 months, usually babies already have this ability, so the use of a hipseat sling is okay.

In addition to the age of the baby, you also need to pay attention to the type of carrier, safety belt, material selection, and various other features of the carrier. Do not let the use of a sling with the intention of making it easier, it causes your baby to experience injury, skin irritation, or other medical problems. Also avoid using a hipseat sling for too long because it can make the baby tired. Increase your baby's time to play and explore his body so that developmental stages can be reached according to his age.

That's our explanation. For details, try to consult directly with a pediatrician, okay?

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I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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