Use Of Acne Medication Simultaneously?

Illustration of Use Of Acne Medication Simultaneously?
Illustration: Use Of Acne Medication Simultaneously?

Hello, I’m currently using vitacid to treat my acne. My skin has the characteristics of oily skin that is prone to breakouts. I have been using this vitacid for three weeks. In my use I was accompanied by other ointments namely niacef, and erymed. I use it according to the recommendations listed in the brochure. I want to ask whether the use of three ointments is safe to use at the same time? Thank you in advance

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Hello Xmansirait,

Thank you for the question.

Oily skin, if not treated properly, does tend to get acne more easily. However, not only because of the influence of skin types and treatments carried out, acne can also arise due to the influence of stress, bacterial infections, poor diet, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, exposure to excessive sunlight, the influence of drugs or birth control, even certain diseases that are suffered.

Due to various trigger factors, the handling of acne should not be careless and must be done comprehensively. In general, the drugs you mentioned are indeed useful in treating acne, because they contain retinoic acid (vitacid), erythromycin (erymed), and nicotinamide (niacef). However, not all acne is properly treated with the use of all of these medicines. Most of these drugs do not belong to the class of over-the-counter medicines, so it is not appropriate for you to use them without a doctor's prescription.

Our advice, so that your acne gets better, do it first:

 Do not hold facial skin with dirty hands Do not squeeze and slough off zits Diligent shower, wash hands with antiseptic soap, and also wash your face with mild cleansing soap formulated for acne on oily skin Don't use cosmetics too thick Use moisturizers and sunscreen first before the activity Do not always do activities outside the home, except if emergency Do not sleep too late at night Expand to eat vegetables, whole grains, fruit, and drink water Do not stress Later, if after trying for 1-3 months your complaints have not improved, You can check yourself directly to the doctor or dermatologist. At present, given the outbreak of COVID-19, you are advised to do natural remedies first at home to minimize the risk of disease transmission.

Hope this helps ...

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