Use Of Antiviral Drugs In Conjunction With Immune Supplements?

Illustration of Use Of Antiviral Drugs In Conjunction With Immune Supplements?
Illustration: Use Of Antiviral Drugs In Conjunction With Immune Supplements?

Hello, I want to ask if it is permissible to use acyclovir tad together with IMBOOST? if possible, how often is it used? thank you

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Hello Sabillah, thank you for asking

Acyclovir tablet or oral is a drug used in infections caused by viruses, Varicella zoster or Herpes simplex. Usually used in diseases such as chicken pox, genital herpes, shingles / shingles and mouth blisters. Basically, the way acyclovir works is not to kill the virus, but it reduces the risk of developing and spreading the virus to other bodies, and minimizing the occurrence of recurrences in the future.

In its use, acyclovir is proven not to have a risk of harming the fetus, but there is no real clinical evidence for pregnant women. Certain drugs should be consulted with a doctor because they can affect the nature of the action of each other in taking oral acyclovir. As with the drug cimetidine, which if taken together with acyclovir, it will increase the level of acyclovir in the blood, while drugs that affect the work of the kidneys (ciclosporin, tacrolimus) if taken together with acyclovir will have a negative effect on the kidneys / aggravate the kidneys.

Meanwhile, imboost is a supplement that is immunomodulatory (stimulates and enhances the immune system). Usually very effective used in patients who are recovering from diseases of the respiratory tract and urinary tract. And is a supplement whose composition consists of zinc and echinacea, where these two substances are very effective for increasing endurance. These supplements should not be given to someone with a history of immune allergy, as well as someone with a history of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, and HIV-AIDS.

For the dose of consumption of this supplement in adults is 1 tablet 1-2 times a day, and in the form of syrup 2-3 times a day as much as 1 measuring spoon (5ml). Supplement should not be taken together with alcohol or coffee, because it can reduce the effectiveness of zinc, and should not be taken for more than 8 weeks.

Since there is no mention of any contraindications between acyclovir and drugs containing zinc or echinacea, it can be concluded that it does not matter if acyclovir is taken at the same time as these supplements, but to avoid any interactions between the two drugs, it is better if you take it with a distance between acycovir. with these supplements. However, it would be safer if you consult the doctor / doctor who examines you first so that these drugs can be used according to the clinical setting of your body or not. So it takes a direct examination to be able to conclude that the supplement is good enough for you to take it with acyclovir.

A little explanation from us, hope it helps. Thanks.

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