Use Of Baby Soap For Facial Acne?

Illustration of Use Of Baby Soap For Facial Acne?
Illustration: Use Of Baby Soap For Facial Acne?

want to ask, for example, if you wash your face using baby soap like rice u0026amp; johnson’s milk body bath is it okay? Facial skin with acne prone T zone tends to dry

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Baby soap is a soap that is formulated to treat baby's skin which tends to be sensitive. Because baby's skin is still prone to irritation, so that in baby soap there is a composition of natural ingredients, as well as a pH that tends to approach normal skin pH.

To treat mixed type skin such as your skin, using baby soap is actually not the right solution, because of course the content in baby soap will not be able to prevent the factors that cause acne, especially in the T zone. However, if you have been using it as a daily facial soap regimen and there are no significant complaints during use, then it is also not wrong if you continue as a series of facial skin care. It's just that in baby soap, of course, it will not be the same benefit when compared to face wash formulated for normal skin that tends to dry on your face. Because in a facial soap with a special formulation for skin like yourself, of course there are other ingredients that can moisturize your face when and after washing your face.

For the better, you can consult directly with a dermatologist, to check your real skin type, and can provide the best advice on the right face wash for skin types like yours. So that your skin is healthy and well cared for and away from acne, you can do some simple things such as:

Wash your face with a suitable face wash, 2 times a day, and not too often and avoid rubbing your face when washing your face so that the skin is not irritated mechanically due to the facial washing movement. Dry your face using a clean towel or tissue that can be used once use a moisturizer after washing your face to keep facial skin moist. Consume 2L of drinking water / water every day to keep the skin moist and prevent dehydration. Get enough rest so that the skin can regenerate properly, by applying a sleep duration of at least 6-8 hours per day. a series of treatments that are already suitable for your skin, and don't try new treatments too often so that the skin doesn't adapt as often as possible which will only interfere with the health of the facial skin. Hopefully this is useful, thank you.

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