Use Of Blood Booster Supplements For Babies Aged 9 Months

Illustration of Use Of Blood Booster Supplements For Babies Aged 9 Months
Illustration: Use Of Blood Booster Supplements For Babies Aged 9 Months

my child is now 9 months old. And when I was 6 months old I was affected by anemia and when I went home the doctor gave me a maltofer supplement. Now the medicine will run out. My question is whether the supplement can be given again to maintain the stability of my child’s HB? Is it safe? If I have to consult a doctor, I don’t have the courage to take him to the hospital first. Thanks

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Hello Eva,

Thank you for the question.

Someone is said to have anemia when the hemoglobin level is less than normal. In children, this condition may not cause typical clinical symptoms. However, if it is severe enough, anemia can cause the child to become weak, less active, stunted growth, looks pale, sweating cold, often drowsy, even experiencing shortness, palpitations, and decreased consciousness.

Anemia in children many possible causes, the most common is due to lack of nutrition, bleeding, malignancy, hemolytic anemia, the influence of drugs, viral or bacterial infections, and so on. Treatment for anemia can be different, depending on the cause, severity and general health condition of the child.

The supplement you mentioned contains the active composition of iron (II) hydroxide, folic acid, and several other additives. With the consumption of this supplement, the need for raw materials for making red blood cells can be fulfilled, so the hemoglobin level will increase.

However, you should not carelessly extend the duration of consumption of these supplements in your child, especially without consulting a doctor first. Because the need for supplements in children is not always the same, depending on the conditions. Better, to prevent the anemia from recurring, you do some independent handling, such as:

Give him a lot of breast milk
Also give him a variety of nutritionally balanced MPASI, including red meat, green leafy vegetables, seeds, sea fish, etc.
Don't get used to giving babies instant and preservative food and drinks
Take care of the child's personal hygiene, and also protect the environment around the child to always be clean
Let your child get enough rest every day
Do not allow children to activities on the ground without proper footwear and clothing

As long as there are no complaints or signs of anemia, you certainly don't need to take your child to the doctor. It is true that you said, in a pandemic like this, you need to be extra careful taking children out of the house, including to the doctor, so that your child's risk of being infected with dangerous diseases (including COVID-19) can be reduced.

However, if later you find your child showing symptoms of anemia again, then do not hesitate to check with your doctor or pediatrician so that it is handled well huh ..

I hope this helps.

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