Use Of Drugs To Treat Corona / Covid 19

Illustration of Use Of Drugs To Treat Corona / Covid 19
Illustration: Use Of Drugs To Treat Corona / Covid 19

Doc wants to ask, how does the mechanism of action of hydroxycloroquine and chloroquine in covid-19 treatment? Then what is the dose for each? If combined with what drugs can be combined? And of all these drugs, what can be most suggested in covid-19 treatment? Thanks doc.

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Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are indeed therapeutic options that are currently being recommended for use as COVID-19 markers due to some data from previous SARS cases where these drugs can help reduce the worsening of conditions that occur due to virus infection.

For chloroquine, based on data available to date, this drug is thought to help block new corona virus infections that cause COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) by increasing the endosomal pH so that the virus cannot fuse with cells, inhibiting glycosylation receptors cellular SARS-CoV, and also modulates the immune system so that it provides a more effective antiviral effect.

As for hydrochlorokuin, there is still no clear data yet on how the mechanism of action of this drug in helping to treat COVID-19, but it is thought to work almost the same as chloroquine but with higher potential.

For the dosage itself, until now there is still no specific reference dose for COVID-19 and all are still adjusted to each patient's condition due to side effects that need to be considered during use.

Until now, combination therapy is still very diverse, depending on the patient's condition and the guidelines of each hospital / country, but for Indonesia, the combination that is currently being used is a combination of chloroquine with oseltamivir, chloroquine with darunavir or chloroquine with atazanavir + oseltamivir + corticosteroids.

Because therapies that are currently thought to help treat COVID-19 are still being studied, there is still no clear reference to what medication should be chosen. However, for the time being, it has been recommended in Indonesia that the use of chloroquine with a number of other drug combinations is adjusted to the patient's condition.

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