Use Of Ear Drops When The Ear Is Bleeding?

Illustration of Use Of Ear Drops When The Ear Is Bleeding?
Illustration: Use Of Ear Drops When The Ear Is Bleeding?

It’s been 2 days my ears feel like they are closed, then I lightly use the katembat and then there is blood on the catembat I think it is okay to not treat ear drops

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Good afternoon, Decha Dede.

Thank you for asking Before answering the question, I will explain briefly about earwax or what is called cerumen first. Ear wax or wax is the production of oil glands (seruminosa glands) in the ear canal, this fluid is actually a form of protection for the ear from microorganisms, particles and other debris that enter the ear so that it does not enter and damage the deeper ear structures, besides that also serves to coat the skin of the ear canal. In normal production quantities, this wax is generally unobtrusive and does not need to be regularly cleaned. However, some people can experience excessive production of ear wax / wax, causing a blockage called a wax prop. Apart from excessive production, this can also be caused by increasing age so that this waxy fluid tends to be drier, causing blockage in the ear canal.

There are several complaints that are generally felt by patients when they feel that earwax has clogged the ear canal, including decreased hearing, ringing in the ears, ear discomfort, itching to pain, can also cause infection in the outer ear. However, the best treatment for cleaning earwax is not scraping it with a cotton swab or a cotton-coated stick. We do not recommend this habit, because in addition to the risk of trauma to the canal and eardrum, it can also cause earwax to enter deeper into the ear canal.

Bleeding ears can be caused by a variety of things, including:
1. Rupture of the eardrum (mechanical trauma)
2. Ear infection
3. The entry of foreign objects into the ear
4. Barotrauma (changes in altitude suddenly causing a difference in air pressure)
5. Ear malignancy / cancer
6. etc.

There are many kinds of ear drops themselves, it is necessary to know the content of each of these ear drops. Because in some products that contain antibiotics there are types of antibiotics that are not recommended for use in the ear, especially if there is a trauma to the eardrum. We recommend that if you experience complaints in your ears, you can consult and have a checkup with the nearest ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist. Later the ENT doctor will look at the inside of your ear and determine if there are blisters / trauma in the ear canal area and on your eardrum. If you get excess wax and need to be removed, then the earwax can be collected by an ENT doctor directly or if the wax is still hard, you will be given a prescription for ear drops which function to soften the earwax to make it easier to collect. If there are other conditions according to the doctor's examination, you will get the appropriate treatment.

Hope this information helps. thanks.

dr. Mega

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