Use Of Essential Oils During Pregnancy?

Illustration of Use Of Essential Oils During Pregnancy?
Illustration: Use Of Essential Oils During Pregnancy?

, I want to ask during pregnancy appear stretch marks on the abdomen that quite a lot. And I was recommended by a friend to use Bio Oil products to disguise the stretch marks, Is it safe to use Bio Oil while pregnant? Please explain. thank you

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Hello Dita, thank you for asking.

Currently the use of essential oils and career oils for health is indeed soaring. Essential oils are obtained from the extraction of various types of plants, both from flowers, fruit, stems, leaves, or roots. Indeed essential oils appear as a more natural choice than using medical drugs. Essential oils are indeed herbal products, which when processed and packaged properly, the ingredients will be pure. However, that does not mean its use can be arbitrary or excessive.

Every part of the plant contains many types of chemical compounds. Of the many chemical compounds, of course there are those that have positive effects, but there are also those that have a negative effect. The problem is, in the use of essential oils, the composition of the chemical compounds is unknown. Which compounds are positive and which are negative, and what is the safe dose, is often unknown. It is not impossible, a person experiences an allergic reaction or toxicity due to one of the chemical compounds in essential oils. Plus due to excessive use because people feel that the oil is a natural ingredient, the chemical compounds absorbed also increase in levels.

The top layer of skin is a layer of keratin. The layer serves as a barrier so that water, oil, and other materials are not easily absorbed by the skin. Therefore, not all types of oils can be absorbed by the skin. Absorption depends on the type of oil, the size of the oil molecule, the area of ​​usage, the length of use, and the mixing material in the oil which can facilitate penetration into the skin. Some types of oil will remain in the upper layer of the skin, not absorbed, but the oil can hold water on the skin so it does not evaporate. So that although not absorbed, the oil can maintain skin moisture. It is hoped that moisture will be able to help the skin regeneration process better, thereby minimizing stretch marks.

But you still have to be careful in choosing the type of oil that will be used. Choose the type that cannot be absorbed into the skin and blood vessels, so it does not enter the placental bloodstream. Be careful that there may be certain chemical compounds in essential oils that can be absorbed into the blood vessels. Make sure you know the composition of the oil, then do research online, read a lot on the pages of scientific articles, not someone's personal blog. Apply oil to a small area first, see if an allergic reaction occurs. If yes, then don't use the oil. When in doubt, you can use a more common type of oil and large molecules, so they are not absorbed by the skin, such as olive oil or coconut oil. Consult your obstetrician for a more in-depth explanation.

Hopefully this answer can add to your insight. Regards.

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