Use Of Ibuprofen In People Infected With Corona

Illustration of Use Of Ibuprofen In People Infected With Corona
Illustration: Use Of Ibuprofen In People Infected With Corona

Good evening, doc. I want to ask whether the drug with the content of ibuprofen. If it is used during cold, cough, cold, it will cause corona virus to increase, right? Thank you

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Hello Apaaja Sellershop,

Thank you for the question.

The use of ibuprofen in diseases caused by viral infections, including the new Corona virus (or the disease called COVID-19) is still a matter of debate. But indeed, so far, most experts do not recommend the use of ibuprofen in this disease. How so?

The new Corona virus can infect body cells and trigger clinical symptoms through the ACE 2 receptor (angiotensin converting enzyme). Consumption of ibuprofen is known to increase the number of these receptors in the body, so the risk of making the virus spread and multiply more quickly, and the disease will get worse. So far, there is not enough clinical evidence to support this conjecture. It's just that, given his theory supports so, of course caution is much better.

Ibuprofen is a class of NSAIDs whose primary use is to relieve inflammatory symptoms, such as fever and pain. Consumption of this drug is not commonly used in coughs and common colds, which are not accompanied by fever or pain. So, if only coughs and colds, then you should not necessarily consume this drug. Moreover, some ibuprofen does not belong to a class of over-the-counter medicines, so its consumption must still be carried out with the advice of a doctor.

Most coughs and colds will heal by natural treatment, such as by increasing rest, improving personal and environmental hygiene, avoiding contact with cold and dust, do not also contact with allergens (such as animal hair, pollen), do nasal cavity irrigation (by spraying NaCl liquid through a syringe that has been removed by the needle into each nasal cavity), drink lots of warm water, and also eat variations of foods rich in vitamin C which are not cold and not greasy. If coughs and colds appear accompanied by fever, it is safer if you first take paracetamol to relieve them.

You need to have this cough and cold checked by a doctor, ENT doctor, or internist if you experience shortness, vomiting, high fever for more than 3 days, or if you have a risk of contracting COVID-19 (such as having been in contact with someone with COVID-19, have traveling or contacting persons who have traveled from an area with an outbreak of COVID-19). If not, don't panic yet ..

Hope this helps ...

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