Use Of Microlax

Illustration of Use Of Microlax
Illustration: Use Of Microlax

for the use of microlax what may be used even if not in a state of constipation, because 4 h does not chapter

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Microlax is a drug used to treat constipation or constipation. This microlax measuring 5 ml and its contents contain sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, sodium citrate, polyethylene glycol 400, and sorbitol.

Constipation or constipation is a frequency of defecation that is rarer than usual. The time interval for defecation in each person is different, depending on the activities and eating patterns undertaken. But generally the frequency of bowel movements is 2-3 times in 1 week. If the frequency of bowel movements is less than normal, this can be called constipation. As a result the dirt becomes dry and hard so it will be more difficult to remove.

Defecation that is rare even though it is not difficult to be released will still feel uncomfortable, because it can cause flatulence or feel pee. The following are some ways that can be used to treat constipation:

Increase high-fiber foods such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables
Expand the consumption of water about 2 liters per day
Do exercise regularly

We recommend that you use microlax not too often, because it can affect the surface of the intestine, especially if used in the long run. If you experience constipation continuously, accompanied by abdominal pain / blood chapter CHAPTER you should immediately consult a doctor to get further treatment.

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