Use Of Moisturizer For The Face?

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ok, so this is it. I’ve bought a face wash and moisturizer, which is in the white boost series.rnThe face soap and moisturizer are well known and many people even use it. And I also routinely scrub, natural mask, drink 8 glasses of water a day and exercise, the first and second weeks are the maximum, but it’s already in the 3rd week, and I use the moisturizer during the day after washing my face, but why is my skin even now? pale and tend to be a bit brownish???, even though I routinely wear it every day. And I am very rarely exposed to the sun. At least it’s only at 4 in the afternoon. And is it true that if you use a moisturizer during the day/ when there is sun, it makes your skin black???rnrnBut I admit that I don’t have enough power to eat fruits and vegetables, especially vitamin C.rnr nThank you

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Hi Faza,

Thank you for asking

The use of moisturizer is done to keep the skin moist. This effect is produced by maintaining and regenerating the protein on the surface of the skin, namely keratin. That way, in addition to being more moist, the skin looks smoother and brighter.

Moisturizer can be used at any time, especially when you are in a dry and polluted air environment. So, there is no special prohibition against using a moisturizer during the day or when exposed to the sun.

Skin that then looks pale and tan is not necessarily caused by the effects of using the moisturizer. It could also be influenced by:

Irregular sleep patterns, often awake at night
Overexposure to the sun (especially during the day between 10 and 14)
Low antioxidant diet
Stress, depression
Improper use of skin care products
Certain diseases, such as anemia, impaired heart function, blood cancer, and so on

We suggest that you try the following tips first to help brighten your skin:

Use sunscreen when going out (choose one with SPF 30)
Avoid excessive stress and anxiety
Expand to eat vegetables, fruit (eg yam, papaya, guava, lemon)
Drink lots of water too
Sleep regularly 6 to 8 hours a day, don't stay up late
Avoid using too thick make-up
Wash your face 2 times a day and after using make up

Wear brightly colored clothes or a wide hat when exposed when going out during the day

If it doesn't improve, try to check your complaints directly to a skin and genital specialist, okay?

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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