Use Of Oatmeal For Facial Skin Care?

Illustration of Use Of Oatmeal For Facial Skin Care?
Illustration: Use Of Oatmeal For Facial Skin Care?

Hello I am currently 6w pregnant. Recently I just stopped using my skincare because I heard before the age of 12w it’s better not to use anything first. For that, I now only use oatmeal juice to wash my face. Do you think if a pregnant woman uses something natural to treat her face in the long term, will there be an effect on the fetus? And can it affect my fetus during the use of skincare (before deciding to stop)? Thanks before

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Hello Izilfatun Thank you for asking

The use of cosmetics such as skincare for pregnancy really needs attention, cosmetics and skincare itself have different ingredients or substances. There are several skincare ingredients that are not harmful to the fetus but it is not uncommon for cosmetics or skincare to contain substances that can be harmful to the growth of your fetus. Therefore, during the first trimester of pregnancy, the use of skincare or cosmetic products should be avoided. The first trimester is an important phase where the important organs of your fetus are formed. So that the use of drugs, skincare, or cosmetics needs to be considered. However, if you really need skin care, you should consult with the closest dermatologist and obstetrician.

In several studies, oats have benefits because of their high fiber content and contain anti-inflammatory substances. N The use of a bottle of oatmeal juice for washing the face should not have harmful effects on the fetus. However, research on the use of Oats as a skin care for pregnant women has not been widely carried out, so the benefits and disadvantages are not yet known. To care for facial skin during pregnancy, you can read the article: Caring for Your Face While Pregnant.

To find out whether any skincare effects you have used during your pregnancy and to assess the health condition of your fetus, you can consult your gynecologist. Because several examinations are needed, the doctor will ask about the condition of you and your fetus, then the doctor will also usually perform examinations such as ultrasound, and the doctor may also suggest further consultation or evaluation.

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