Use Of Plaster In The Mouth While Sleeping?

Illustration of Use Of Plaster In The Mouth While Sleeping?
Illustration: Use Of Plaster In The Mouth While Sleeping?

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There is a desire to use micropore while sleeping it is necessary to know the purpose and benefits obtained. The use of tape during sleep is often intended to help reduce open mouth complaints during sleep, snoring, or to optimize breathing through the nose during sleep. So if you want to use a tape when you sleep with one of the goals above, then this can be at risk of causing panic due to increased pressure in your airways when you wake up from sleep or when you cough during sleep.
With your mouth closed when you sleep with tape, the pressure from the airways and / or oral cavity cannot be controlled properly because your mouth is closed, and this can cause a cough that is stuck or choking. However, if you have no history of coughing during sleep, this reisko will be smaller, and you can use tape while you sleep.
Therefore, you should evaluate these possibilities and risks, provide information to your husband when you use a tape in your mouth, so that the husband can be alert if you feel the fatigue when you cough up from sleep. And if this happens, you should not use this tape next.
What you need to consider during controlling complaints you feel during sleep are:
1. avoid excessive physical abuse
2. do regular exercise
3. look for the position of the body and neck, and the right head when you sleep, thereby reducing this complaint
4. Use pillows and beds that are comfortable for you

Some conditions that can trigger complaints during sleep are you are suffering from coughing, sore throat. flu, or improper head and neck position.
To get a good complaint control over complaints that you feel during sleep, then you should consult with a neurologist or medical rehabilitation doctor to help check and evaluate the condition of the complaint you feel. The doctor will conduct interviews and checks as needed. With the results of the examination, the doctor will provide the right care and treatment for you.
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