Use Of Powder After Olive Oil. May I ?

Illustration of Use Of Powder After Olive Oil. May I ?
Illustration: Use Of Powder After Olive Oil. May I ?

Assalam mualaikum. R nDok is it okay after using olive oil then use the powder

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Hello Neng anah,

What is your skin type? Is olive oil used as a moisturizer / face oil? Olive oil has many benefits, one of which is for the skin to smoothen the skin, remove makeup (as a cleansing oil), mix face masks, and as a face oil for dry skin.

If you have dry skin then you can just use olive oil as a moisturizer / face oil. It is possible that face oil will be more comfortable to use at night. For the morning, you can choose a non-comedogenic moisturizer before applying makeup. Don't forget to use sunscreen after moisturizing before applying makeup to minimize sun exposure.

For oily skin or prone to acne and blackheads, it is advisable to choose a water based and non-comedogenic moisturizer. If you want to use face oil, owners of oily skin and prone to acne or blackheads can choose another face oil that is lighter and more non-comedogenic than olive oil. Olive oil can still be used as a cleansing oil or a mask mixture.

Always do a patch test on one side of the face for 1 week to see skin reactions before applying any face oil / skincare product to the entire face.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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