Use Of Sauna Clothes For Diet?

Illustration of Use Of Sauna Clothes For Diet?
Illustration: Use Of Sauna Clothes For Diet? Bing

Evening,. I want to ask, hehernrnActually, is it recommended to use sauna clothes for dieting? If you wear sauna clothes to help with a diet program, for example jogging/running, you will sweat more and more. So, is sweat actually burning fat or is it just water, or what?rnrnYesterday I read on the internet, they say that wearing a sauna suit is not good, because sweat is only water that can make us sweat. so dehydrated and over time can also have a heart attack. Isn’t it true? And even if you are allowed to wear a sauna suit for jogging/running, what are your safe tips for wearing it?rnrnSorry, if it’s too long hehernThank you very much!

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Hi Carissa, Thank you for your question on

There is no clinical evidence of the role of sauna clothes in weight loss, because when you use sauna clothes when you exercise, sweat does come out a lot, but not because of the effect of burning fat, but because of the heat effect caused by the material of the clothes. cause you to lack fluids or dehydration, in addition to the above, the use of a sauna jacket when you exercise can also cause other possible things, namely:

Heatstroke, a condition that causes body heat cannot escape, causing the body temperature to become very high and if not handled properly can be life threatening. Cramps due to excessive heat, and occur within hours so that your body will feel tired, dizzy, weak, low blood pressure and even fainting Muscle spasms For weight loss diets you don't need to use sauna clothes to burn fat fast, in weight loss the most important thing is monitoring calorie intake with calories wasted, which of course must be more calories wasted, in addition to exercising you must pay attention to the calorie intake of the food you consume, if you are in doubt you can consult a clinical nutritionist to calculate the number of calories that must enter in your body, and which must come out of your body which will be adjusted to your BMI and your current body condition.

Some steps you can take while exercising

Use comfortable clothes, not too thick and can absorb sweat Avoid running in the middle of the day or the hot sun during the day Pay attention to fluid intake when exercising Use special running shoes that are comfortable and fit on your feet, so as not to cause injury Thank you, hopefully useful. dr.Nurmarwiyah

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