Use Of Serum On The Face Of Teenagers?

Illustration of Use Of Serum On The Face Of Teenagers?
Illustration: Use Of Serum On The Face Of Teenagers? Bing

.. I want to ask, I am 17 years old. Is it okay if I use 2 serums for my face? One is a serum for smoothing the skin (natural and has no active ingredients) and the other is a serum for brightening the skin (contains niacinamide). If possible, which is the correct way to use it to make it more effective and how long do you have to pause to use these 2 serums. Thank you

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Thank you for asking

Facial skin care can be started from a young age and should be according to skin type.

Basic facial care consists of the following stages:

- Facial cleansing: wash your face 2 times a day using soap according to skin type

-Face freshener: Serves to remove dirt and the rest of the dead skin

-Face moisturizer: All skin types are needed, even for oily skin types

- Sunscreen: Use every time you do outdoor activities. Sunscreen is very important to provide skin protection from UV rays produced by sunlight

Serum itself is an important additional skin care step because it contains a number of active substances for skin health. It's hard to be sure which serum to use first without consulting directly with a skin specialist.

However, generally the serum that is used first is serum with active ingredients, both for brightening the face, preventing aging, and so on. Then make sure the first serum is well absorbed by the skin (already dry) then apply the next serum.

I suggest that you consult directly with a skin specialist regarding the facial treatment steps that are right for you.

Some tips you can do for facial skin health:

-Use facial masks made from natural ingredients that are good for skin health

-Drink at least 3 liters of water per day to keep your skin moist

-Eat healthy and nutritious, increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables which contain vitamins A, C and E which are good for skin health

- Rest at least 8 hours / day, avoid staying up late because it can make the skin look dull

-Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol

- Limit consumption of caffeine

-Exercise regularly

May be useful

Regards, Dr. Natalia

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