Use Of Serum To Treat Facial Acne?

Illustration of Use Of Serum To Treat Facial Acne?
Illustration: Use Of Serum To Treat Facial Acne?

Afternoon, I want to ask for skincare that I will use later. Can I use serum containing 10% niacinamide and 1% zinc (the ordinary) after using toner containing AHA and BHA 0.1% (cosrx aha u0026amp; bha toner )? If not, what is suitable for use after using toner? My skin is rather dull and pores are rather large but not spotty (there are only a few acne scars) and my skin is a combination (some are oily and some are dry)

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Nowadays there are many skin care routine products that contain compounds that are very useful for maintaining healthy skin and supporting skin rejuvenation. So that even mild to severe skin problems can gradually improve and return to normal.

Nicotinamide or also called niacinamide is a derivative of vitamin B3 obtained from food from meat, beef, fish, egg, milk, yeast and whole wheat. Indeed niacinamide is very beneficial for the skin which is usually used to cure acne prone skin. In brief, some of the benefits of niacid are:

keep the skin moist without triggering increased oil production by the oil glands
function for communication between cells that can prevent skin aging
improve skin elasticity and maintain the skin's protective layer

While zinc is one of the beneficial minerals for:

maintain healthy skin, including as an antioxidant that is good for the skin,
overcome inflammation that usually occurs in acne prone skin so that makes inflammation in acne becomes reduced
accelerate the process of forming new skin

AHA and BHA are substances that are usually used in skin care where the function is to help remove dead skin cells or for the exfoliation process. So that if the exfoliation process occurs periodically, it will give effect to the skin becoming brighter, healthier and not dull.

The use of skin care containing niacinamid and zinc is actually not a problem if used continuously with other skin care in the form of toner containing AHA or BHA. However, for its use need to be given a time lag so that the effect on the skin is not too excessive / irritating to the skin. You can use serum containing niacinamide and zinc just before bedtime, where the skin has been cleaned and has used toner before. Give a few hours to wait for the effect of the toner is slightly reduced, and the toner that contains BHA or AHA is used only at night so it does not cause skin irritation afterwards when used in the morning because it will interact with sunlight.

However, it is better if you consult first with a dermatologist to find out whether your skin is suitable to use all of these products or not, or the time to consider at any time if the product can be used.

So that we can convey, hopefully useful for you. thanks.

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