Use Of Supplements To Prepare For Pregnancy During Menstruation?

Illustration of Use Of Supplements To Prepare For Pregnancy During Menstruation?
Illustration: Use Of Supplements To Prepare For Pregnancy During Menstruation?

In the morning I hilda 29 years. I want to ask can I consume blackmorries during menstruation, whether or not to influence it? Previously, I have consulted the doctor about my practice and was prescribed for menstrual treatment. because of leave, can I take the drug or wait, slma consumption of the drug together with drinking blackmorries only intervals of 2/3 hours … For example, may I bli with the same recipe Thank you

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Hello Anita,

Thank you for asking

Many supplements claimed by the manufacturer contain various types of vitamins and minerals that function well to prepare for pregnancy. In this supplement product, it is known to contain a lot of antioxidants that are useful in maintaining and improving the quality of the egg, so it is better prepared for fertilization. Consumption of this supplement, especially if intended for the long term, coupled with the consumption of a doctor's medication, for example cyclo progynova, you should not do it carelessly. It is feared, the improper way of consuming supplements actually impacts the disruption of the effectiveness of the drugs your doctor gives.

Cyclo progynova contains the active composition of estradiol valerate which is useful for restoring disturbed hormonal balance. In this way, it is hoped that ovulation and menstruation occur more regularly, so planning for pregnancy will be easier. This drug is not included in the class of over-the-counter drugs, so the prescription cannot be repeated carelessly without medical supervision.

Of course, in the success of pregnancy planning, consumption of this drug must also be balanced with a variety of other efforts, including regularly having sexual relations every 2 to 3 days, eating balanced nutritious foods and rich in antioxidants, maintaining ideal body weight, regular exercise, while avoiding smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs. In addition, as mentioned above, in order to prevent disruption in the pregnancy planning process, it is not advisable to consume additional drugs or supplements carelessly without consulting a doctor first.

Therefore, in connection with your question, you should consult directly with your obstetrician, right? If you are constrained by doctor's time off, you can ask for a second opinion by checking with other obstetricians.

I hope this helps.

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