Use Of Supplements When 10 Weeks Pregnant

Illustration of Use Of Supplements When 10 Weeks Pregnant
Illustration: Use Of Supplements When 10 Weeks Pregnant

Hello doc. I want to ask. I am pregnant with my first child. From the age of 4w to 9w I was given Fitonal-f vitamins by my midwife. Then I moved residence and checked the contents at the puskesmas. I was only given Blood Adding Tablet from the health center. So I bought vitamins myself. What I want to ask 1. Can Folamil Genio be consumed in the first trimester? Because I am looking for fitonal-f here does not exist.2. Add Blood Tablet from the ED health center in May 2020. Is it still safe to be consumed? Thanks doc.

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Hello Mega,

Thank you for the question.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, the mother requires not less nutritional intake to support the development of the fetus, while also increasing stamina and endurance of her own body. The nutritional variants that need to be consumed by pregnant women can actually be obtained only from a healthy and balanced diet. However, often due to severe nausea and vomiting that inhibits nutritional intake, or simply because of limited access to healthy food, pregnancy supplementation is clearly needed.

Selection of the types of supplements that need and do not need to be taken during pregnancy actually need to involve a direct examination by a doctor, it is not enough just to consult online like this. Folamil genio is a supplement that contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that are needed for pregnant women. No problem taking this supplement in the first trimesteri of pregnancy. However, for long-term consumption (more than 2 weeks), especially coupled with the addition of other supplements from a doctor, we recommend that you continue to consult it to the doctor or obstetrician who examined you. mothers differ, depending on age, body posture, history of previous pregnancy, current pregnancy conditions, as well as your general health condition.

If the added tablet of blood from the puskesmas has not expired, it is safe for you to continue taking it according to your doctor's recommendations.

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