Use Of The Right Inhaler To Treat Asthma?

, when I was 3 years old I got lung spots. Then underwent treatment for 9 months (routine medicine) and then declared cured. But until now, I have asthma, but I still use salbutamol tablets. Even though when my asthma recurred, I couldn’t control it anymore until my vision was dim. Do I need to use an inhaler?

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Infections of the respiratory tract, including due to tuberculosis (pulmonary TB, pulmonary spots), can indeed be a trigger for asthma attacks. Not only that, the appearance of asthma is usually influenced by various other factors, such as:

Genetic (hereditary) Environmental conditions, such as exposure to pollen, fungal spores, animal hair, cold temperatures, smoke, dust mites Physical or psychological stress Side effects of drugs, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, beta blockers Consumption of sulfites and other food or beverage preservatives Gastric acid reflux, for example in people with GERD, etc. Asthma occurs because the lower airway becomes inflamed, narrowing its diameter, and increasing mucus production. This condition can cause the sufferer to experience shortness of breath. This severe shortness of breath, if not treated properly, can cause the blood supply to the brain and head to be inadequate, resulting in a dim vision.

Apart from asthma, there are many other conditions that can also cause asthma-like complaints, such as bronchitis, pleural effusions, pneumonia, GERD, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, gastritis, stomach ulcers, heart attacks, and so on. Before making premature conclusions, if you have never seen a doctor directly, you should not rush to give careless handling of your complaint. The use of inhalers in asthma sufferers cannot be done carelessly without prior doctor supervision.

We recommend that you check with a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine first. Through a thorough examination, doctors can generally distinguish between asthma symptoms and other diseases. If it is true that your complaint is suspected to be due to asthma, the doctor may direct you to undergo further tests, such as X-rays, allergy tests, ultrasound, endoscopy, and so on. Determination of the best treatment for asthma sufferers needs to be adjusted to the severity of their condition, frequent recurrent asthma attacks, history of other illnesses, and various other factors. Consult directly with the doctor who examines you, whether it is necessary for you to use an inhaler or not.

In the meantime, you can first resolve your complaint with the following steps:

Get to know your asthma triggers, then as much as possible avoid them. Take control of your emotions properly, don't stress, worry, or panic excessively. Limit activities that are too tiring first. Exercise regularly 3 to 4 times a week. If you feel tight, move to a comfortable place, relax. Your clothes, adjust your breath properly, don't panic. Take medication regularly according to the doctor's instructions. Regular rest Don't smoke. Hope it helps.

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