Use Of The Right Ointment To Treat Scalded Burns?

Illustration of Use Of The Right Ointment To Treat Scalded Burns?
Illustration: Use Of The Right Ointment To Treat Scalded Burns?

good afternoon doctorI want to ask my foot was scalded initially I used bioplacenton Well after that I used ointment KANAPEN-P what ointment was it? The thing is my legs are bumpy, right?

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Hello Kaniaproperty,

Thank you for the question.

Scalded can cause burns that vary in severity. Frequently, if the temperature of the water that comes into contact with the skin is not too hot and not too wide, the condition is mild and can be treated at home. But on the contrary, if the water temperature is very hot or in contact with large areas of the skin, it may be necessary further treatment by a doctor to prevent dangerous complications, such as dehydration, hypothermia, infection, and even other multi-organ failures.

As an initial treatment of burns on the skin due to scalding, it is not recommended to give any ointment, including the ointments you mentioned. Worried, improper use of ointments can actually make the skin inflamed due to allergies or irritations, this is the possibility that makes your skin bumpy. Not only that, this inflammation of the skin can also make your burns more widespread, blistered, swollen, and far more difficult to handle.

So far, very little information is available about the exact composition of the ointment you mentioned. However, some sources say that this ointment is not intended for humans, but for livestock, so do not be used haphazardly ..

The good, you check your wound condition directly to the doctor or surgeon. With his competence and experience, of course doctors better understand the best management that needs to be done according to your condition. For the time being, what should be done:

 Clean the wound with sterile gauze moistened with NaCl, do not rub excessively, not too plastered too tight Keep your burns do not experience excessive friction or pressure Expand more rest and drink Use comfortable and clean footwear during activities

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