Use Of Vitamin B1?

Illustration of Use Of Vitamin B1?
Illustration: Use Of Vitamin B1?

, I bought the wrong vitamin should be B complex but I told my mom vitamin B1. Well, what is this B1 for and for whom? Can it be consumed every day? Because the answers on Google vary, I was confused. Please respond, thank you.

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Vitamin B1 or thiamine is a type of B vitamin that functions to convert carbohydrate intake into energy. Because vitamin B1 is water soluble, this vitamin will be carried by the bloodstream to be distributed throughout the body. Especially to maintain the functioning of the nervous system, heart, and muscles so that they work well. If you are deficient in vitamin B1, your body will get tired quickly and not have energy. so vitamin B1 is good for healthy muscles and nerves.

some food sources of vitamin B1 include beef, eggs, bread, milk, beef, and whole grains. meet the needs of vitamin B1 in the body in fact can avoid health from the disease beriberi. This vitamin B1 can be consumed according to an adult dose of 50 to 100 mcg / day.

Vitamin B1 almost never causes side effects, especially if taken in the right dosage. Sometimes the provision of vitamin B1 can cause reactions such as warm, itchy, tingling, and nausea. do not consume this vitamin without prolonged doctor's advice. if allergies occur immediately come to the doctor.

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