Use Of Water To Treat Acne?

Illustration of Use Of Water To Treat Acne?
Illustration: Use Of Water To Treat Acne?

I want to ask, my friend said milagros water can treat acne that is on my face, is that true

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Hello Widyfr, good evening.

Thank you for asking at Before answering your question, I will explain briefly about acne, its causes, and treatment or treatment for facial acne first.

Acne is one of the skin problems that is often complained about, a condition where there is blockage by oil and dead skin cells where the hair grows. This condition can be aggravated by inflammation so that there is pus in it. The symptoms are very typical, namely the presence of small spots or bumps on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders, etc. Acne can arise due to various causes, including: excessive production of oil / sebum on the face, blockage in hair follicles, bacteria (for example: Propionibacterium acne can develop and clog hair follicles so that it can cause inflammation), Hormones (excess androgen hormone activity can causing acne.

In addition, there are several risk factors that can increase the likelihood of acne, such as:
1. Hormonal changes, namely the presence of hormonal changes at a certain time, for example when menstruation is going to be due to a diagnosis of PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), etc.
2. During puberty, there is a tendency to be more at risk of developing acne due to an increase in hormonal activity and an increase in excessive facial oil production.
3. Heredity
4. Stress
5. Smoking
6. Use of cosmetics

Regarding acne treatment, there are several drugs that can be used to treat this, both topical / applied to the skin, or oral / taken by mouth. The medication itself varies, including: Benzoyl peroxide (antiseptic, to kill bacteria on the surface of the skin), antibiotics (kills bacteria that infect the follicle / where hair grows), topical retinoids (aims to remove dead skin cells so as not to clog hair follicles) , etc. In addition to drug therapy, there are also non-drug treatment methods, such as: chemical peels (by peeling off the skin that grows pimples so that new skin can appear), lasers and photodynamics (can kill bacteria and reduce oil production in the skin), corticosteroid injections (can eliminate nodules and cysts when injected directly into the skin with acne), as well as extraction of blackheads.

In addition to treatment, there are also several ways to treat facial acne:
- clean your face regularly at least 2x a day.
- use water-based cosmetic products, avoid cosmetics that contain oil.
- Do not press blackheads often because it will cause scars
- Do not be too exposed to sunlight, because in some people the sun can worsen acne conditions. Use a noncomedogenic / oil-free moisturizer and sunscreen, always shower after activities, etc.
In addition, you can read the following article on how to get rid of acne naturally.

Regarding whether milagros water can treat acne or not, I cannot answer this with certainty because there is no research data regarding the benefits of water consumption on acne-prone skin conditions. Because all medical actions taken have certainly gone through many stages of research and in a very long period of time, both regarding treatment with drugs to treatment in the form of action, so there are research results that can be a reference for decisions in medical action. If you do have skin problems, we recommend that you consult and see a dermatologist directly. The doctor can examine your skin problems and determine the right treatment according to your skin type and problem.

You can also read the following article about the myths of how to get rid of acne.

This is the information we can convey, thank you.

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