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, I menstruated .. 2 months ago I had surgery again. Reorif femur. Then can the polycrep help from the outside so that the pen can be steady in its position? the problem is I was traumatized by the first incident and I’m still wondering why it broke

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Hello Haidar Zafhir S

Thank you for your question

Policrepe is an elastic bandage (elastic bandage) which is usually used to fix or maintain the position of your bones and muscles, especially those that have recently been injured (dislocated) or broken. The process of healing a broken bone itself usually takes around 3-6 months, at which time it is estimated that the bone has started to heal completely. At first, about 2 days to 2 weeks there will be a process of preparation by the bone tissue to start repairing damaged bones (forming of future bones). Later this bone will begin to form new bone to connect cracks or broken wounds, usually the condition is unstable between 4-6 weeks. So it is usually necessary to immobilize the limb that has a broken bone (rest the injured limb and try to keep the movement to a minimum) and be given bone support or protection if needed. This is where the role of using elastic bandages like the one you are using, is to help maintain your bone stability. Many things affect the healing process of this bone, such as lack of immobilization or you still use too much of the leg with the injured bone so that the connection of the bones is disturbed, it can be caused by infection and many other things. It is possible that the broken pen that happened to you could be caused by a lack of immobilization problems. Meanwhile, the use of elastic bandages is usually carried out as long as immobilization is needed, if the bones are strong enough and fused properly, usually the use of this kind of elastic bandage is no longer needed. But actually it doesn't matter if you keep using this elastic bandage. However, this elastic bandage should always be replaced regularly so there is no risk of causing irritation to your skin. In addition, make sure that this elastic bandage is not used too tightly so that it can interfere with blood circulation in the area where this bandage is attached, because there is a risk of causing swelling in the area.

To keep your pen in good condition, you should immobilize it according to the instructions of the doctor who treats you.

Hope this answer helps you.

dr. Aldy Valentino

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