Use The Right Compress For Swollen Eyelids?

Illustration of Use The Right Compress For Swollen Eyelids?
Illustration: Use The Right Compress For Swollen Eyelids?

hello my lower eyelid is swollen and now it’s red for a week. I have used gentamycin eye ointment and warm compresses. but when I read “on google there is a blog that recommends using cold water. Which compress is right for my eyes? cold / warm compresses? and am I using gentamycin eye ointment correctly, but I haven’t checked with a doctor

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Hello Firda, thank you for your question

In principle, the use of hot / warm or cold compresses is adjusted to the medical problem at hand. Before answering your question, it would be best if you understand in advance the types / types of compresses and their uses:

Hot / warm compress - aims to increase circulation (blood flow) in the affected area, so that:

reduce pain
flexing injured muscles and joints

Cold compress - aims to reduce blood flow and nerves in the affected area, thereby reducing signs of acute inflammation, such as swelling and pain, often especially for trauma / impact

Regarding the eye problems that you are currently facing, it would be better if you see a doctor, especially an ophthalmologist. The doctor will evaluate the condition of your eye using special tools, namely a slit lamp and an ophthalmoscope. If necessary, the doctor will also test the sharpness of vision in each eye. After confirming the underlying cause of your complaint, the doctor can prescribe medication, either in the form of eye drops / ointment or oral medication, as well as determining whether or not medical procedures are necessary, for example making a small incision (incision) in the case of hordeolum / bintitian.

While waiting for the doctor's examination and treatment, you are advised to:

avoid rubbing the eyes

Apply warm compresses to the swollen eye area for at least 10-15 minutes and repeat 3-4 times a day

temporarily avoid using cosmetics around the eyes, as well as contact lenses

Hopefully this is useful

dr. Lili

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