Use The Right Sunscreen For The Face?

Illustration of Use The Right Sunscreen For The Face?
Illustration: Use The Right Sunscreen For The Face?

Good morning. Is it true that the use of the SPF 50 sunscreen must be rinsed every 3 hours and then re-applied again because if not, it will cause spots on the face. While sunscreen with SPF 15-30 can be used from morning to evening, if you want to re-apply, you don’t need to rinse it? Explanation please. thank you

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Sunscreen or sunscreen is a skin care product that in principle serves to help protect the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight such as the appearance of black spots, premature aging and even skin cancer.

SPF is indeed a term that always appears together with the term sunscreen. SPF itself stands for Sun Protection Factor, which is a unit of measurement to find out how much UV light is needed to cause sunburn on protected skin. The increasing SPF rate, the ability to protect the skin is also increasing. Easily, it can be said that if a skin that uses sunscreen with SPF 15, the skin will be more difficult to be exposed toburn15x more than those who do not use sunscreen.

Based on the SPF value of a sunscreen product, the level of protection itself can be divided into several categories, namely:

Protection is low if the SPF is less than 15
Medium protection if SPF 15-29
High protection if SPF 30-49
Very high protection when the SPF is more than 50

To find out how long a sunscreen should be reapplied, it is generally adjusted to the commonly used theory, ie the skin in general will start to blush in sun exposure for 10 minutes, so you can multiply those 10 minutes by the SPF number in an product separately to know when the product should be repeated again.

For example, if you use a product with SPF 30, then the product will provide protection for 300 minutes (30x10), so you are advised to re-apply every 300 minutes (5 hours once). How to re-apply yourself, does not require flushing, but simply re-applied as the first time.

Based on the explanation above, it can be said that SPF 50 provides higher protection compared to SPF 15 or 30, so that it requires a reapplication that is far less frequent compared to SPF 15 or 30. All sunscreens have the same function, so that if they do not use sunscreen, the skin will be at risk of black spots. The method of application is entirely the same, it does not require flushing, just simply reapply on sun-exposed skin.

Even so, you still have to remember also that the intensity of sunlight will be different at each time, such as sunlight will burn the skin much faster during the day than in the morning, so the more often you apply sunscreen, for example, 2 hours during activities in outside or more often if you sweat or swim, it will provide better protection.

Also keep in mind that choose a sunscreen with a minimum strength of SPF 15 and adjust it to your skin type.

I hope this helps.

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