Used Surgical Threads Came Out?

Illustration of Used Surgical Threads Came Out?
Illustration: Used Surgical Threads Came Out?

hello, I want to ask almost a month ago I underwent breast surgery because there was a lump in my breast well the third day after the operation was told to return to control the doctor said good stitches after that told to come back to the hospital a week after surgery and the doctor also said the stitches were good and the doctor said the treatment or control was finished, there was no need to go back to the hospital, but just yesterday I checked the stitches myself after I took a shower. I felt that there were scars / scabs even though the other wounds had already peeled off after 2 weeks after the operation while this wound how come it doesn’t go away and then I hold it turns out it’s not a scar but it’s a knot of thread that comes out, then the question is what should I handle? do you have to go to the puskesmas first to get a referral again? or you can just leave it alone? thank you

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Hello Tika,

Thank you for the question.

In principle, there are things that need to be considered after surgery, such as side effects after surgery such as pain, discomfort, aches, nausea, vomiting, etc., as well as wounds after surgery namely how to treat wounds, wound healing process, and complications that can occur in the wound such as infection or damage to the suture. These aspects are very dependent on the type of surgery, how much injury was made after surgery, and the type of surgical suture.

In breast surgery, this is a surgery that is considered a minor operation where the surgical scar will not be as large as other surgery wounds. In general, the wound will heal within 2-6 weeks, but again, it depends on how big the part that is removed or treated, including the type of stitches given and the type of thread given. Sutures can be in the form of threads that can be removed after a few weeks after surgery (depending on the wound healing status of the surgery, whether dry or not, whether there are signs of inflammation or infection or not), and stitches can be in the form of absorbable threads that are thread that can be absorbed by the body so that no need to be removed, or a combination of the two.

So, it is important to know the type of thread used in the operation you are doing, so that you know the steps you can take regarding monitoring and handling the wound condition after surgery. You should confirm it with the doctor who treats you so you know whether the thread must be taken or can be absorbed by the body.

Hopefully this information can be useful.


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