Using Diet Milk For Nursing Mothers?

Illustration of Using Diet Milk For Nursing Mothers?
Illustration: Using Diet Milk For Nursing Mothers?

Morning, sorry I want to ask … My child is 11 months old and my body is still in high school, I want to use a Herbalife diet which is Nutrition, but doubtful because I am still breastfeeding … how about that ?? Can I do it or not?

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Nursing period is an important period for your baby. Of course it takes a healthy and balanced diet for mothers to meet the needs of children. The food consumed should consist of carbohydrates, animal protein, vegetable protein, and fiber. On the other hand, women generally want to immediately restore their body weight and body shape to return to normal as before giving birth. Many women who after giving birth immediately go on a strict diet, even though it is not necessarily good for the body or baby, especially if done carelessly. Regarding the use of nutritional milk you mean, you should consult directly with your pediatrician in order to be more sure of its effect on breast milk.

Here are suggestions for diets that I can give to you:

 Set your goals in dieting. Keep breastfeeding. Based on research, breastfeeding a child will help you lose weight faster, because calories will be burned while breastfeeding. Don't limit or reduce all food. Eat as usual, but the food you eat is more nutritious, high in calories, and varied so that even a small portion of food will fill and fulfill the calories your body needs. Choose foods that are high in nutrition and filling, which are high in protein, such as: chicken breast, fish, lean meat, beans. In addition, by adding vegetables that are rich in fiber and low in fat will also be more filling. Consumption of 8-10 glasses of water per day to avoid dehydration, will also increase milk production. Exercise regularly. With exercise, your muscles and bones will become stronger. To make it more fun, try doing a quick exercise with your baby using a stroller. Enough rest. Mothers who have just had babies often have less sleep, so it will make concentration less and difficult to do other things including exercise that is important for maternal fitness. Staying up late will also reduce the body's metabolism thereby increasing the risk of obesity. Please also read additional articles that you can read to add to your knowledge reference in regulating a balanced diet for a diet that is safe for nursing mothers.

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