Using Soap Alternately Can Cause Acne?

Illustration of Using Soap Alternately Can Cause Acne?
Illustration: Using Soap Alternately Can Cause Acne?

Is it true that one soap with another person will get spotty?

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Acne is a skin problem that is often a complaint for both men and women. Acne occurs when the hair follicles on the surface of the skin are filled with oil and covered with a layer of dead skin cells. Often due to lack of maintaining clean skin, inflammation occurs due to infection.

Regarding your question, it is not true that the soap that is used interchangeably from people with acne can spread it to other people who use the same soap. Although bar soap can act as an intermediate / place for germs, it is unlikely that it can transmit acne. Keep in mind that the cause of acne is an infection of the clogged hair follicle which contains oil. Other risk factors that can trigger acne are hormonal changes, puberty, excess oil production, the influence of foods high in fat and carbohydrates, stress to genetic or hereditary influences.

Acne has a degree of severity, ranging from mild, moderate to severe. Regarding treatment, mild acne can be treated by doing self-care at home, namely by:

Control the production of oil in the skin by eating a healthy and nutritious diet

Increase vegetables, fruit and water
Avoid consuming foods high in carbohydrates and fat
Recognize facial skin types and regularly clean facial skin
Be good at choosing cosmetics and avoid using cosmetic products that make your skin more acne prone

If pimples arise, you should avoid squeezing pimples or giving trauma to the skin directly with hands or with unclean and sterile tools. This can lead to a more severe infection and scar / scar that doesn't go away.

Treatment to a doctor can be done, depending on the factor of age, type of acne and the degree of severity. Acne treatment takes a long time to reduce inflammation, infection and restore facial skin structure. Medications that dermatologists often prescribe include retinoids, topical antibiotics and salicylic acid. The use of oral drugs such as contraceptive pills and oral antibiotics can be considered. That is the information that I can convey, hope it helps

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