Illustration of Vagina?
Illustration: Vagina?

I want to ask. yesterday I used virgin pills. Let the husband cling to it. And when I use the obt, my vagina is a doormat. But when I accidentally licked the drug, it was very acidic. And when having sex a lot of blood comes out but it does not hurt.

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First of all you should be careful in using drugs that are inserted into the vagina. Drugs that are sold freely such as Virgin Pill, you should examine further whether it is officially circulated and has received an examination from BPOM (Drug and Food Control Agency). You should also check whether the manufacturer lists the ingredients used in the pill and whether they are safe to use. If there is no permit from BPOM and the ingredients are not clearly stated, you should not use it because it can be dangerous for yourself.

Bleeding that comes out during sexual intercourse can be caused by many possibilities, including:

menstrual bleeding
injury to the vagina due to lack of vaginal lubrication
irritation of the vagina
infection of the vagina
cancer of the reproductive organs (such as cervical cancer)

If the bleeding that occurs is not due to menstruation, the bleeding occurs every time you have sexual intercourse, abnormal vaginal discharge or an unpleasant odor from the vagina, you should immediately consult your obstetrician so that further examination can be done.

The vagina basically has lubricating fluid and this lubricating fluid will come out more when your libido is high. This is a normal body defense mechanism to prevent injury to the vagina when you have sex. If you want to improve your sexual performance, you can do Kegel exercises regularly.

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