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Good afternoon Doctor, I’m Nur, I want to ask, I’m pregnant with my second child, I want to enter 32 weeks, from the first trimester until now I miss V and my hips hurt, if I lie down I want to move, it hurts, my road hurts, but I don’t have a headache and swollen feet, is that normal doctor? Please explain doctor, thank you

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Various complaints can occur at around 8 months of pregnancy such as pain in the spine, swollen feet, frequent urination, and insomnia.

At the age of 8 months the size of the uterus that is getting bigger can cause pressure on blood vessels and nerves in the pelvic area and back so that it triggers pain. Some causes can also trigger this, including:

Hormonal changes
Changes in body posture and shape
Until due to lack of exercise

To overcome that, some things you can try include:

Limit heavy movements, do light routine activities
Pregnant exercise routine
A warm bath can relieve the pain you feel
Drink enough water and eat healthy and nutritious food
Make a light massage on the painful area

Maximize the effort that can be done at home so you can delay consulting an obstetrician. That way you can still stay at home and avoid the crowd. This is related to the current state of outbreaks of COVID-19 infection. However, if the complaint is felt to be burdensome or other emergencies occur such as bleeding, high blood pressure, severe stomach contractions, ruptured membranes, etc. contact your doctor immediately but with caution. Avoid using public transportation if you have to see a doctor.

So, hopefully useful. Stay healthy.

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