Vaginal Agenesis?

Illustration of Vaginal Agenesis?
Illustration: Vaginal Agenesis?

Hello doctor ,, n nSy has a daughter who is now 3.5 years old. Some time ago I just realized that my child does not have a vaginal opening and after consulting a genital doctor it was declared vaginal agenesis. I was told to wait until the age of my child is 5-10 years old, if I can’t open it, then surgery will be done. what I want to ask why do I have to wait a certain age? Is it okay if I’m currently taking the surgical route? Because this has to do with my daughter’s future. I thought the sooner the better. Please inform the doctor. Thank you

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Vaginal agenesis is a disorder in which the vagina does not develop / grow properly while still in the womb as a result, the vaginal canal becomes very small, even though this condition has almost no symptoms, it will only be realized when a teenager that the woman does not menstruate .

In some cases, vaginal agenesis is also accompanied by underdevelopment of the female reproductive organs (uterus), kidney problems, bone disorders, and heart problems.

So that is why to carry out surgery should be considered carefully, considering that the operation carried out is not a small operation but a major operation that requires supervision from various medical disciplines such as pediatric surgeons, obstetricians and gynecologists, plastic surgeons. , and also an anesthetist.

Treatment of the agency's vaginal condition can be carried out by various methods, but if possible (the vaginal canal is still there, only its size is very small) non-surgical measures may be considered first, but if after medical assessment it turns out that there is no vaginal canal at all then action surgery is the most suitable option.

Surgery in conditions of vaginal agenesis may require repeated surgeries to reconstruct the proper shape of the vagina. Surgical procedures can be performed by taking other tissue from the patient's own body, which is usually taken from the buttocks which will later be shaped to resemble a vagina, in addition to that, another technique is to use a part of the colon duct as the vaginal canal.

That is why surgical procedures in conditions of vaginal agenesis should be performed when the patient's condition is truly feasible, because if they are forced while the condition is not yet fully able to undergo the procedure, they can cause various medical risks that may arise. The doctor who has examined your child must have considered it carefully so that finally he decided to wait until your child is old enough, with the hope that the results of the action will be far more optimal and the risk is much smaller.

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