Vaginal And Menstrual Farts?

Illustration of Vaginal And Menstrual Farts?
Illustration: Vaginal And Menstrual Farts?

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Menstruation is a monthly cycle which is a reflection of the health of the reproductive system in women. Each woman's menstrual cycle is different. The benchmark for one menstrual cycle lasts 21-35 days, sometimes it can change depending on the presence or absence of certain medical conditions or other things. Some of the factors that can affect menstrual regularity are as follows:

The existence of certain underlying medical diseases. Inflammation of the reproductive system certainly affects the hormonal system in general.

Hormonal disorders

Physical exhaustion

Certain psychological stress or pressure.

Nutrients and fluids consumed. Nutritional imbalance and lack of consumption of fluids can indirectly affect hormones

Side effects of certain drugs.

In your case where last month the first menstrual day fell on the 23rd and this month falls on the 19th, it is still within the normal menstrual cycle time span. Having a menstruation that lasts only 2 days needs to pay attention to several factors that have been described above. If this condition has been going on for a long time then it doesn't hurt to check with a doctor. Whether or not additional examinations are needed such as hormonal examinations will be in accordance with the results of consultations and examinations with a doctor later.

The existence of farting through the vagina is very common. This happens because of the air that enters the vaginal canal. As long as the air that is released doesn't cause a smell, there is nothing to worry about, this can depend on the physical activity you do. However, if the air that is released gives off an odor, it is necessary to think about certain underlying medical conditions. Also consult this with your doctor.

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