Vaginal Discharge And Itching With Small Bumps In The Vaginal Area?

Illustration of Vaginal Discharge And Itching With Small Bumps In The Vaginal Area?
Illustration: Vaginal Discharge And Itching With Small Bumps In The Vaginal Area? Bing

, I’m Iis Nadia Pravita, age 21, I want to ask, my vaginal discharge smells and is accompanied by a continuous itching feeling, now there are also small bumps in my v area. is it a dangerous disease? and what is the solution?

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Hi Iis,

Thank you for asking

Abnormal vaginal discharge, which smells bad and feels itchy most often indicates an infection in the intimate organs. This infection can occur due to poor intimate hygiene, the use of inappropriate vaginal care materials, or the habit of having risky sex, such as having multiple sexual partners, having sex with prostitutes, or not using condoms.

This infection can be caused by various microorganisms. If there is an unpleasant odor and severe itching, the most common cause is fungus, especially Candida sp. However, it is also possible that the vaginal discharge you experience is caused by infection with other microorganisms, such as Gonorrhea, Trichomonias, Chlamydia, Garderella, and so on. This infection can also cause pimples on your vagina.

In addition, in addition to infection, vaginal discharge and nodules may also occur due to irritation (such as due to the use of vaginal fragrance soap, sanitary napkins, or spermicides), malignancy (such as uterine cancer, cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, Bartholin's gland cancer) , the entry of foreign bodies, or also fistula rectovaginalis (abnormal channel that connects the rectum with the vagina). Stress, fatigue, and hormonal changes (such as before your period) can make vaginal discharge worse.

The best solution that we recommend at this time is to have your complaint checked directly with a dermatologist and venereal specialist. That way, the doctor can do a thorough physical examination, especially around your reproductive organs, or also perform additional tests, such as urine tests, cervical mucus smears, IVA tests, or pap smears (if you are married) if needed.

Good hygiene is very important role in preventing and overcoming vaginal discharge and abnormal nodules in the vagina. Therefore, after every bowel movement, make it a habit to properly rinse the intimate organs and wear clean and soft underwear. Avoid all forms of casual sex and avoid using vaginal care products that are irritating.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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