Vaginal Discharge During Intercourse?

Illustration of Vaginal Discharge During Intercourse?
Illustration: Vaginal Discharge During Intercourse? Bing

I’m Valent, I’m 23 years old, I’ve only been married for 2 years. Lately, I’ve had vaginal discharge after my period, but my vaginal discharge is milky white in the morning. I usually have a lot of milky discharge in the morning. I’ve been on medication. After that, my vaginal discharge started to improve, there were no signs. vaginal discharge again.. but when I have sex with my husband why is my husband’s penis sticky white milk which is like a whitish liquid .. is that a sign that the vaginal discharge is not clean inside .. please help, thank you good afternoon

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Hello, thanks for asking

Milky white discharge from the vagina attached to the tip of the husband's penis, if it does not smell and does not itch that you are experiencing is probably normal. Whitish itself is mucus that comes from the vagina that brings out dead cells and bacteria so that the vagina remains clean and can increase if:

Excited Stress or anxiety Exercising Ovulation Using birth control pills

However, some conditions can also cause discharge or vaginal discharge, including:

Vaginal candidiasis, vaginal discharge that is milky white and lumpy like cheese, and itching Bacterial vaginosis, vaginal discharge that is white, gray, fishy, ​​but not itchy Trichomoniasis, vaginal discharge that is greenish yellow in color, itchy and smells fishy Genital herpes, vaginal discharge caused by disease herpes Gonorrhea, yellow, white or watery green vaginal discharge Cervical cancer, vaginal discharge mixed with blood

You should first consult a doctor, to find out the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing so that an examination can be carried out and it can be determined whether the symptoms you are experiencing are normal or not. The doctor will conduct a thorough interview and examination.

Things you can do to overcome this, include:

Use comfortable pants and panties that are not too tight Change underwear often if it feels wet and damp Maintain cleanliness of the female organs Wash the female area with warm water, especially after intercourse and after urinating Manage stress properly Get enough rest

May be useful.


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