Vaginal Discharge Results?

Illustration of Vaginal Discharge Results?
Illustration: Vaginal Discharge Results? Bing

Please read the results of my lab test. Large gram positive rod: +++ Small variable gram rod: ++++ Negative bent rod : – Others: – Nugent score :5 Impression: gram smear preparation showed normal vaginal floral bacterial changes unrelated to bacterial vaginosis. Possibility towards a transitional phase, but if clinically very supportive, vaginal secretions can be re-examined. Microscopic fungi: no yeast cells found, and microscopic Trichomonas hyphae / pseudohyphae: no trichomonas found. Am I infected with gonorrhea? In advance thank you

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Hi Nia

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which belongs to the gram-negative group of bacteria. In the lab results presented by Nia, there was no mention of the presence or absence of gram-negative bacteria, which only indicated the presence of gram-positive bacteria. So it could be that no gram-negative bacteria were found in you or it might not have been reported.

Nia does not need to worry if there is no previous history of sexual intercourse, considering that gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease so it only occurs in those who are sexually active.

From the general interpretation, it was found that the results of the examination seem to be normal (reasonable) but if the clinical symptoms still point to problems in the genital/reproductive tract, it is hoped that a repeat examination can be carried out to confirm it.

It would be better if you consulted with your doctor before returning to the laboratory, so that you can compare the lab results with your current clinical condition through a physical examination and also a medical interview with yourself.

I hope this helps

dr. Arnold

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