Vaginal Discomfort?

Illustration of Vaginal Discomfort?
Illustration: Vaginal Discomfort?

My vaginal part may not be comfortable, like that I will get out … it can be painful, if it’s because my body is hot and cold, and can’t do activities like bysanya .. BAK is also not like the skit and more so, the urine also doesn’t smell bad. .. it is the stomach on the lower part of the belly button and the waist is also painful, what’s the symptom ?? please explain … thanks

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Hello Mrs. Arifin, Thank you for the question.

Are you experiencing abnormal vaginal discharge complaints? How long has this complaint occurred? Complaints in your vagina can be caused by a number of the following health conditions:

 fungal infections of bacterial vaginosis sexually transmitted infections The above vaginal infections can occur together with urinary tract infections (UTI) which cause complaints of pain during urination and often urination. However, this complaint can also be caused by kidney stones.

Please check with your doctor immediately for further examination. Your doctor needs to ask about your symptoms, check that you include a cervical and pelvic examination, and other tests such as vaginal discharge if present, urine testing and ultrasound. From this examination the doctor will ascertain the cause and can provide appropriate treatment. In the meantime, please do the following suggestions:

 avoid intercourse until you recover, multiply the consumption of water, avoid the habit of holding back urinating use underwear that is easy to absorb sweat, avoid using tight pants. always keep the genital area clean and dry do warm compresses on the area of ​​the pertu and lumbago that consume paracetamol if you have a fever or pain that is felt quite great. Hope it helps.

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