Vaginal Fluid Test Results?

Illustration of Vaginal Fluid Test Results?
Illustration: Vaginal Fluid Test Results?

ENIS EXAMINATION 2019-05-25 16:04:46 Gram Secret: – Gram Bacteria (+) Coccus (+) – Gram Bacteria (-) Basil (+) Gram Bacteria (-) Diplococcus intra and extra cellular Negative Negative Trichomonas Negative Leukocytes 0 – 2 Epithelial cells 1-3 How are the results according to the doctor … age 24 years … 8 months pregnant

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Hello Goddess,

Previously it should be known first that the results of investigations such as vaginal fluid tests can not stand alone because it must be seen together with the results of history taking and physical examination. From the results of the test that you submit, there are no fungal infections and no trichomoniasis.

Leukocytes show signs of infection. The absence of intra-and extracellular gram-negative diplococcus bacteria indicates the possibility of no gonorrhea infection. The discovery of gram-positive coccus bacteria and gram-negative bacilli indicates a bacterial infection in the vagina.

It is possible that your vaginal discharge is due to a bacterial infection. But to be more certain, I strongly recommend that you bring the test results to the obstetrician so that further tests can be done to ascertain your condition. Afterwards the doctor can provide further treatment for you.

Try not to delay consulting a doctor and do routine pregnancy control. Here are some tips you can do:

Maintain cleanliness of the vagina Change panties more often When wearing pantyliners, more often change pantyliners Use pants that are more comfortable and not tight Rest enough and do relaxation Wash the vagina from front to back with clean water Hopefully it can help you,

Thank you

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