Vaginal Lumps While 8 Months Pregnant?

Illustration of Vaginal Lumps While 8 Months Pregnant?
Illustration: Vaginal Lumps While 8 Months Pregnant?

Hello doctor, I am pregnant with 32 weeks of gestation, the second child (the first child born in a normal vacuum), these past few days when I squat I want to pee and palpable there are lumps on the outer lips of the vagina, if I bring it down, there is no lump, or the vagina back to normal, is it called vaginal varicose veins, is it safe for a normal birth ??, Will after giving birth will return to normal ??? Can I do activities like going up and down stairs etc ??? Thank you,

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Hi Ummuraihan .. Thank you for the question.

Vaginal varicose veins occur due to dilation of blood vessels around the vagina and the greater the likelihood of occurrence at the age of the third trimester of pregnancy when the size of the fetus is getting bigger. Complaints that are often complained of are discomfort in the area around the vagina and genitals, and are increasingly felt when standing long. In pregnant women with vaginal varicose veins, labor can still be carried out through the normal delivery process. However, this depends on the condition of the mother and the state of mother verises. Therefore it is better for you to check with your obstetrician to get a direct examination.

In addition, other vaginal lumps can be caused by:

Bartholin cyst
Genital warts
Genital herpes

All you can do is:

Keep the vaginal area clean
Avoid sitting or standing for too long
When lying down, position your legs and pelvis higher
To reduce discomfort, you can compress with a cold towel on the pubic area
Exercise such as swimming to reduce pelvic pressure by the weight of the baby

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