Vaginal Pain After BAK?

Illustration of Vaginal Pain After BAK?
Illustration: Vaginal Pain After BAK?

After urinating the vagina feels bad. What caused it.

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Discomfort in the vagina and female orgasm area can be caused by various factors. To answer your questions related to the cause requires a complete and directed medical examination ranging from medical interviews to direct physical examination. Some possibilities:

 Urethritis Cystitis Vaginitis Cervicitis Sexually transmitted infections For a time you can do include:

 Drink plenty of water Do not resist urinating Maintain personal hygiene and the environment Maintain cleanliness of the female area Washing after every chapter or tub with water from front to back Do not use feminine washing soap and do not use excessive soap If the discomfort does not improve and makes You are worried, you should check yourself to the nearest general practitioner to get an examination and treatment accordingly.

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