Vaginal Pain During Penetration And Vaginal Discharge

Illustration of Vaginal Pain During Penetration And Vaginal Discharge
Illustration: Vaginal Pain During Penetration And Vaginal Discharge

Hello, we are a young couple, when having sex why yes when penetration is around 8-10 cm my wife complains of pain / pain?
Whereas before we had foreplay with the same way oral sex until my wife came out with lots of fluids / orgasms, even she asked for the time to penetrate, but why does it still hurt?
So that I do not continue to penetrate any more, we do that with the missionary position, does the position matter?
And the doctor needs to know, some days after the relationship my wife released a lot of white liquid like milk, what is liquid? Is it normal?

And how to avoid pain in women? Because foreplay has been maximized until all the lubricating fluid comes out

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Hello Wuhanjio

Thank you for the question.

In newly married couples, pain during sexual intercourse is often a natural thing because the muscles around the vagina are still unable to relax during penetration. As is known, the diameter of the penis can be very enlarged and hardened during an erection, while the diameter of the vagina will remain so, so it can clearly trigger pain with different intensities. This can also be influenced by sexual intercourse positions that are less comfortable, lack of foreplay, experiencing severe mental stress (including due to stress, fear, or excessive anxiety), fatigue, unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle, and even the influence of drugs consumed . Some types of diseases, for example vaginismus, endometriosis, adenomyosis, pelvic inflammation, bartholinitis, psychological disorders, and so on can also aggravate this complaint. A white milk-like discharge from your partner's genitals may be caused by natural vaginal discharge, or it may also occur due to infection, pelvic inflammation, hormonal disorders, the influence of drugs and contraceptives used, irritation of sex organs, even a malignancy. This complaint can be related, either directly or indirectly, to the pain he feels every time a penetration in a sexual relationship.

If these conditions occur only occasionally and can still be arrested, often you don't need to worry about them. Conversely, if complaints are repeated very often, of course the quality of sexual relations can be very disturbed by it.

Therefore, you try to overcome this condition first by:

Improve communication between you and your partner, including in determining the most comfortable style and position during sexual intercourse
Maximum doing foreplay in a sexual relationship, before penetrating the penis into the vagina. Make sure your wife has reached its climax before you penetrate.
Teach your partner to maintain better hygiene of their sex organs, do not carelessly use soap or fragrance around their sex organs, get enough rest, multiply relaxation, exercise regularly, drink lots of water and eat foods that contain antioxidants
Work with your partner in living a healthy lifestyle every day and be loyal to your partner (avoid free sex)

If the complaint still does not improve with the above efforts, after the COVID-19 pandemic period subsides, you and your partner can check their respective complaints to the doctor or dermatologist and sex to be handled properly according to the cause huh ..

I hope this helps.

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