Varicocele Surgery Can Fail?

Illustration of Varicocele Surgery Can Fail?
Illustration: Varicocele Surgery Can Fail?

Hello nI am Arif, I am married, 34, now I am 37, I took a sperm analysis test when I was 35 and the result was azospermia due to vericoceles, I had surgery when I was 36 but after 7 months of surgery I did a sperm test and the results were still azospermia, what what’s wrong with me ??? nDo I still have a chance to recover and have children ????

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Hi odiewarenk,

Thank you for asking

The process of spermatogenesis (sperm production) takes place in the testes. This process is supported by many factors, including the right ambient temperature. Exposure to the testes to excessive heat, including those that occur in patients with large enough varicoceles who do not receive adequate treatment can interfere with the spermatogenesis process. Varicoceles can also cause the testicles to atrophy (shrink or shrink). Depending on the length and severity, this disorder can be temporary, but it can also be permanent. As a result, both the quality and quantity of sperm will decrease, maybe even not produced at all (azospermia).

Varicocele occurs when the veins located in the testes become swollen due to incompetence of the valves in them. This condition can be treated definitively through surgery (either through open surgery or laparoscopy) and percutaneous embolization. Of course, no medical procedure is free from risks. The risk of varicocele recurrence remains even though the percentage is very small. Not only that, after surgery, hydrocele, infection, and so on can occur which can affect postoperative fertility. However, in general, many studies say that postoperatively, 60 to 80% of men will improve their fertility significantly.

Therefore, if after 7 months of surgery your sperm analysis results are still not improving, then there may be other factors (besides varicocele) that trigger it, for example:

Other medical disorders, eg epididymitis, orchitis, retrograde ejaculation, presence of anti-sperm antibodies (antibodies that mistakenly attack healthy sperm cells), tumors, undescended testicles, hormonal imbalances (for example due to thyroid or adrenal gland abnormalities), sperm duct disorders ( for example due to a history of surgery, infection, birth defects), chromosomal disorders (for example, Klinefelter's syndrome, cystic fibrosis, Kallmann's syndrome), celiac disease, drug side effects, surgery side effects Environmental problems, for example due to exposure to industrial chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, high temperature around the testicles Unhealthy lifestyle, for example due to drug consumption, alcohol consumption, smoking, emotional stress, obesity, etc. You need to consult this directly with an andrology specialist so that it can be given proper treatment. Various examinations, including laboratory tests, ultrasound, thyroid function tests, hormonal tests, genetic tests, biopsy, etc., can be performed by doctors to find out the exact cause of your complaint.

The following initial steps you can try to improve sperm production:

Do not smoke, do not consume alcohol, avoid indiscriminate consumption of drugs (including drugs) Maintain ideal body weight Avoid exposure to excessive heat around the testicles, including by not sitting too long or wearing tight pants Avoid exposure to harmful chemical substances that can affect fertility (as explained above) Manage your stress and anxiety properly Perform safe and responsible sex activities (avoid free sex) Live a healthy lifestyle, increase your intake of vitamin C (for example by eating lots of guava, oranges, strawberries, sprouts), drink enough , sleep regularly, exercise regularly every 1 to 2 days. Hopefully this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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