Illustration of Varicocele?
Illustration: Varicocele?

Sorry about the cost of bilateral varicocele surgery, how much is it? Thank you

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Varicocele is one of the most common diseases that causes discomfort in the testicles (scrotum) of men. This discomfort can take many forms, from a lump sensation to severe pain that gets worse when standing for too long, running, doing a lot of activity, and doing activities that cause excessive stress on the lower abdominal area. Alternatively, a varicocele causes one or both testicles to swell to form a sac. In the long term, the increase in temperature around the testicles due to varicoceles can lead to fertility problems.

Varicocele occurs due to malfunctioning of the valves that feel in the veins in the testicles. As a result, blood flow from the testicles is not able to return properly to the heart, and triggers swelling. This condition can occur only on one side of the testicles (unilateral) or both (bilateral).

To prevent complications, such as atrophy (shrinkage) of the testicles and impaired fertility, varicoceles that are large enough to cause considerable discomfort need to be treated with surgery. This operation can be performed through open surgery, laparoscopic surgery (using a tube connected to a small camera), or percutaneous embolization. Each of these types of surgery has its own advantages and risks. Therefore, determining the right type of surgery to treat varicocele should be done by direct examination by a surgeon.

Regarding your question, the costs required to undergo bilateral varicocele surgery can vary greatly depending on the type of operation performed, the patient's general health condition, and the policies of each health facility. Therefore, it is much more appropriate if you ask directly at the health facility closest to your domicile. You can get information regarding hospitals that provide varicocele surgery services at the following link.

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