Various Checks For Respiratory Function?

Illustration of Various Checks For Respiratory Function?
Illustration: Various Checks For Respiratory Function?

, Spirometry examination, chest X-ray, ultrasound of the heart can detect the possibility of any disease and what disease is not detected, and if all of that is normal, what diseases / disorders are excluded and what diseases are not / have not been removed?

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Spirometry examination is useful for assessing lung function and lung capacity. Through this examination can be diagnosed with diseases of the respiratory organs such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, emphysema, or chronic bronchitis.

Chest radiograph is an examination to visualize the image of the heart, lungs, respiratory tract, blood vessels, and lymph nodes using directed x-ray radiation. In addition to showing the above organ picture, chest X-ray can also show the continuity of the ribs and collarbone. Through this examination can be seen abnormalities in large blood vessels coming out of the heart, abnormalities in the pulmonary organs such as TB, fluid in the lung cavity, lung mass, emphysema etc., assess cardiac enlargement, assess changes or problems in the lungs that originating from the heart, assessing whether there is a broken rib and collarbone.

While echocardiography or ultrasound examination of the heart is an examination to assess abnormalities in the structure of the heart, blood vessels, blood flow, and the ability of the heart muscle to pump blood. Diseases that can be detected in this examination include heart rhythm disorders, disorders of the heart pump, congenital heart abnormalities, heart valve disorders, changes in heart muscle walls, heart damage after a heart attack, inflammation of the membranes lining the heart, fluid in membrane lining the heart, and so on.

Diseases that cannot be detected from the three examinations are diseases outside the lung organs and respiratory tract, heart and blood vessels of the heart, such as diseases originating from the digestive tract, central nervous system, muscles and nerves, and so forth.

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