Afternoon dock, I’m regita, Long story short, nov-des 2019 I went back and forth in pain that I don’t understand why. Complaints of the body from head to toe are heavy, tired or not even though I have slept enough, feel like I want to faint, tightness, chest beating like a loser, the mind feels afraid to want to be “called”. Had hospitalization, blood checks, ecg, x-rays, info from internist there was no direction to internal medicine. Finally, the doctor’s treatment was called Gerd’s 4x, and the second igd was called gerd’s. Finally, from there I learned about this gerd. Permission to ask all the info I ever got, because I was confused about which one to follow, was it true: 1. Get info from fellow gerd friends, To normalize gerd, consumption of foods with high PH / alkaline diet to stabilize the gas in the stomach2. If I talk with my friend nutrionist, consumption of foods that do not trigger stomach acids such as spicy, sour and spices that are striking, because any food / drink enters the body will adjust to the body’s PH3. Can routinely drink turmeric grated juice every morning and night on an empty stomach can heal? Because ever my heartburn hurts, drink it, better bgt.4. I had experienced a decrease in BB continues, then asked smd fellow fellow friends, the information is food consumed as a passenger through the u0026amp; poor intestinal absorption. Is it true that the stomach muscles cannot be normal anymore? If you can, how do you normalize it? Please answer yes doc. For information, I have taken medication: 1. First treatment, given omeprazole u0026amp; vit B complex for 3 days and blood check, normal2. Second treatment, given pegel drugs, dizziness, dizziness vertigo. I only take pegel medication once because tomorrow … 3. First ED, ECG, X-ray, normal blood check, given xanax 1×1 was prescribed Omeprazole u0026amp; xanax, recommended to psychosomatic u0026amp; psychiatrist4. Third treatment, informed gerd, given nexium 30, vometa, sucralfate, which I spent nexium u0026amp; just sucralfate, arguably gerd. The second emergency room, arguably gerd, was injected with PPI, then the 6th. Psychiatrist, given xanax cipralex, but only drink a few, may not be spent, I am also afraid of drinking7. 3rd emergency room, ppi injection and inpepsa prescription. To cure, which one should I follow and what should I do? Thank you 🙂 Regards, Regita

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Hello Regita, thank you for asking at

GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is a chronic disease that attacks the digestive system. In GERD the muscular ring at the tip of the esophagus is weakened so that reflux occurs or the acid reflux and food return to the esophagus. As a result of this arises several complaints including chest such as feeling hot and burning, chest pain, belching, coughing, vomiting, painful swallowing, throat and mouth feel acidic, and so on. Whether it can return to normal or not depends of course on the cause of GERD and how severe the disease is.

GERD can be triggered by a variety of circumstances one of which factors certain foods and drinks such as high-fat foods, foods that are too acidic and spicy, fried foods, chocolate, caffeinated drinks, fizzy, and alcohol. By so preventing the consumption of these foods can avoid complaints. Other causes such as obesity, smoking, pregnancy, or certain psychological conditions such as anxiety disorders, panic attacks, or depression can cause GERD.

Consumption of turmeric can help provide comfort to the stomach, but excessive use will actually have an impact on the digestive system. So it's good to consume after eating / stomach is filled. For the future you should consult about this matter with your doctor.

It should be remembered, that in addition to regular drug consumption, GERD treatment will be effective if accompanied by lifestyle changes. Therefore the things that can be done are:

Eat healthy and nutritious, avoid foods that can trigger symptoms
Drink warm water
Get enough rest
Exercise regularly and maintain ideal body shape
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol
Manage stress well
Avoid lying down immediately after eating, wait at least 2 hours
It is recommended to consume small amounts of food, but often rather than in large quantities at a time
Take your doctor regularly

If you continue to experience complaints, see your doctor immediately for further treatment. To avoid misunderstanding, it helps you discuss information about your complaint directly with your treating doctor.

That's all, hope it helps.

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