Vegetables Suitable For People With Chronic Itching?

Illustration of Vegetables Suitable For People With Chronic Itching?
Illustration: Vegetables Suitable For People With Chronic Itching?

want to ask, it’s almost 2 years ago I suffer from itching like allergies. but I don’t know what causes it, whether it’s food, air, or whatever. itching like a biduran, but more patterned like a scratch, and usually the itching appears then 5 minutes disappear there is no trace, but later it appears again, and the more scratching the more intense. u003cbr / u003I have been to a dermatologist in my city given medicine a lot but does not work. u003cbr / u003e u003cbr / u003 if the doctor pleases I can send photos of the itching via pm or email u003cbr / u003e u003cbr / u003 please enlighten me … thanks

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Hello Mei Yuli Pahatun,

Hives are skin disorders that are suspected to arise due to hypersensitivity reactions of the body (allergic). Hives are generally triggered due to exposure to an allergen. This allergen is different for each person, to determine it can usually be from "trial and error" from the patient himself or also using allergic tests such as patched tests or skin pricked tests.

Some types of allergens that often cause biduran include:

 Dust mites Flower pollen Food: seafood, nuts, eggs, cow's milk, etc. Medicines Insect bites Environmental factors: cold, hot, water In dermatografia urticaria, hives can occur due to scratching or when incised skin with nails, shape biduran will match the incision (in the form of stripes) and is accompanied by itching and redness. This form of urticaria is only 5% of all cases of biduran and is more often found in children or young adults. Hives on dermatographia occur only briefly and disappear within no more than 30 minutes. However, the condition can recur, if you scratch the skin, and the symptoms can worsen in hot and dry weather conditions or after bathing with warm water.

In addition to the effects of scratching the skin, dermatographia is thought to be triggered by stress, a history of allergies, excessive friction on rough clothing and bed linen, certain medications such as antibiotics, sports or activities that involve excessive skin friction. People with dry skin type are also more at risk of experiencing dermatographia.

Dermatography can be diagnosed by physical examination and a doctor's history. Symptoms of dermatographia can generally be relieved by administration of antihistamines. But there is no treatment to eliminate this condition completely. Dermatografia is a chronic disorder. Patients can avoid precipitating factors by not scratching the skin excessively, wearing clothing with a soft material, giving moisturizer to the skin. Based on several studies of ingredients such as tea tree oil, aloe vera, oatmeal, rice washing water is beneficial to reduce dermatographia.

It is better to continue to do the control and examination beforehand with a dermatologist to get the examination, diagnosis, and treatment accordingly. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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